What is Ethical investment

Ethics deal in an individual's moral behaviour and compass. That focus not the individual viewpoint makes 'Ethical' investment quite difficult as everyone lives a different experience. 

Ethical investment seeks to align a persons wealth creation strategy in line with those moral views and values. 

It can also be known as Responsible investment or Sustainable investment depending on the approach, as these terms can remove a little of the grey. 


The challenge in this area, is although there tend to be some universally aligned views for most ethical investors, the layers of grey can add complication. 

When considering what values are most important to you a great framework to start from is the UN's sustainable investment goals below. You can read more about each of them here

Investing ethically should then be aligning your wealth creation strategies with your priority values from the above list (or broader). 

This area of investment is rapidly expanding with new options and products becoming available daily. 


Chanie, Preston - One of our Ethical investors

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