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Ethical investment


You don't need to seek professional advice to make a change to your Super and Investments today.


Below are a range of tools you can use to review your own Super or Investments against your values and even contact them to push for positive change!


This is a ratings initiative run by the Ethical Adviser Coop - a not for profit group of like minded Financial Advisers Australia wide, who specialise in Ethical Investment Advice, of which I am a part of.

We have rated a number of 'Ethical' Managed Funds and Superannuation Investment options, providing an overview of the fund, its processes, its great features and their concerns.


Run by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA) these are ratings for managed funds and superannuation investment options.

This can be great to dive into the specific holdings of an investment, as well as identifying the areas a fund partially excludes, fully excludes or positively includes as well as overall investment process.

I am a member of RIAA who run this website.


This website focuses mostly on Climate change but has a great tool that shows how much of the Australian Investments within Super investment options are aligned with the Paris Agreement, as well as the funds voting records with regards to Climate Change.

This gives you a good idea of whether a fund is in-fact an 'investor advocates' as many claim, or are just marketing themselves so.

They also have some great information on General Banking as well. 

You can also use this site to contact your fund directly and demand they divest from thermal coal.

We have no affiliation with Market Forces


Altiorem is a not-for-profit library and resource centre that:

  • Helps people understand the role finance must play in addressing sustainability challenges and building a better future for all.

  • Supports advocates for sustainable finance in making stronger arguments for change, and implementing solutions with real impact.

  • Helps a new generation of leaders gain a solid understanding of critical sustainability issues and their relevance to business and finance.

Our Holistic Approach


If you come to see us about investing some money we won't just throw you into a hot stock tip, or some managed fund we like because they make good pens. If you come to see us about investing your money, whether in property, shares or something else entirely, we will go through the following with you:

  1. Deep dive into your goals and situation, purpose and personal ethics.

  2. A candid discussion around realistic outcomes, and the real risks of investment

  3. Education and Empowerment about how investments work - to enhance your understanding

  4. Stress testing your resolve to ensure you are comfortable with investment


We can provide investment advice on 

  • Shares and Bonds

  • Managed Funds and ETF's

  • Property Strategy

  • Superannuation and SMSF

  • Borrowing to Invest

  • Generating Passive income

  • Insurance Bonds

  • Advanced Debt repayment strategies

The Process

The First Step

The first step can be daunting - but just give us a call!

We offer a free 30 minute phone consultation to see if we are the right fit, and if we can help you. 


Before you commit to a financial plan we will take the time to fully understand your situation, your dreams and your challenges - and will give you an idea of your options and any costs involved, so you can make an informed decision. 


The advice stage provides you with a step by step plan to create a fulfilling retirement, maximising your financial aspects. 


Our process does not stop at just providing advice. We will work with you to implement your plan and get you on the road to your dream retirement.