Investment can be a powerful tool to enhance the wealth around the globe both Environmentally and Socially, to extend your money beyond your own benefit. 

Investment doesn't have to be limited to a few banks and a mining company.

  • Climate change

  • Gender Equality 

  • Data Security

  • Corporate Responsibility

These are just a few major concerns many of our clients express when we discuss what they want from their investments. 

Nathan Fradley, is a Certified Ethical Investment Adviser, and well regarded as an expert in Ethical Investments, speaking at conferences, and appearing in The Financial Review and The Australian. 


What he has found is a good proportion of so called 'Ethical' options use the term to market themselves while lacking real substance, and charging enormous fees. As the Ethical space grows being able to seperate those options that are true to label from those simply cashing in on the 'trend' is becoming more difficult. We can guide you in identifying what options are available and how you can make your money work for you. 


From a long term risk management perspective we also strongly bevel a portfolio that lacks consideration for climate change will under-perform those that look to the future; and with the increased availability of appropriate sustainable investments, we include sustainability and responsible investment consideration and themes in all of our portfolios. 

Getting advice on investing ethically could be for you if

- You want to support companies doing the right thing and avoid companies doing the wrong thing - 

- You have a strong ethical preference - 

- You try to live a sustainable and conscientious lifestyle and want your investments to do the same - 

- You want to build wealth, but not at the expense of the environment or others - 

- You feel you could be doing more than your keep-cup -  


Chanie, Preston - One of our Ethical investors

Nathan is super skilled at making you feel comfortable enough to make financial decisions (big or small) under his guidance. He offers solid financial planning advice without all the jargon you’d expect from his industry.

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