Navigating and Understanding

Aged Care

Nathan Fradley is an Accredited Aged Care Professional, experienced in helping his clients navigate the complex and exhausting process of organising Residential Aged Care or obtaining Government Home Care Packages. 

There are a lot of major decisions that need to be made when organising Aged Care assistance for a loved one, some short term, some long term and all with their own specific considerations. 

Where we can help:

- Understanding your options - 

- Making big decisions -

- Navigating the lingo and acronyms - 

- Managing the family expectations and confusion - 

- Getting the most ideal outcome - 

- Freeing you up to focus on the non-money matters -   


SHANE, Bendigo

Nathan provided an excellent framework for my family to use in making decisions re our mothers aged care options and their financing. He was clear in his communication, explaining options re financing arrangements and the type of choices we have to make. He did this in the context of understanding our and out mother’s particular circumstances. He addressed questions that we had and provided us with both short and longer term considerations. A five star rating.

Do you need a helping hand?

Our Holistic Approach


Step 1: Obligation Free Consultation

Our first 30 minute meeting is at no cost. We will give you an idea of your Aged Care options, things to consider and next steps. 

Step 2: Advice

Our Advice covers a range of time frames

Day 1: What your situation will look like immediately. 

Quick Wins: What you can do in the short term to minimise costs and set up for the long term

Big Decisions: We map out each of your options and scenarios; providing the financial and non-financial considerations of each option so you have the best information to make the best decisions. 

Long term Considerations and Estate Planning: All our advice considered the long term including the estate, taxation issues and future costs and fees. 

Step 3: Support and Implementation

We will also assist you in completing forms, working with admissions officers and implementing any other recommendations or strategies you may need to complete. 

Step 4: Changes and Review 

We will be there over time to help you with long term requirements and manage any changes that may occur. 

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